Strategy, innovation

Creative concept consulting: I provide support for companies in laying the foundation of their communication. The optimal positioning of the brand, the product or the service is a prerequisite for any successful launch, relaunch or rebranding.


The success of your communication will fluctuate and you will fail to tap the full potential of your products and services as long as you do not thoroughly define their unique position in the market. Have consumer needs been analysed? What is innovative, unique and relevant about your products or services? I support you in creating and devising the basic outline which will ensure the success of your communication strategy and activities.

Communication concepts

As an experienced Creative Concept Consultant, I specialise in creating communication concepts that focus on innovation potential and market relevance. Where necessary, this includes the creation of names and claims. These concepts go straight to the heart of the matter, serving as a basis for all communication activities and as a key market research instrument.

Selected references

Henkel, Cosmetics/Toiletries
IVU Traffic Technologies